2008-06-28 11:18

Press release: Japanese TV films fierljeppen in Polsbroekerdam

Polsbroekerdam: Japanese TV will be filming a Japanese-Holland-Friesland competition on wednesdayevening July 2nd.

Audience is invited to participate in this event.

The filming is being made for the family program “Sekai Ururun Taizaiki“, TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting Systems inc.). Two famous Japanese comedians, Chiro and Gon, spend one week in the Netherlands to learn fierljeppen. Chiro learns fierljeppen in Linschoten (Holland), Gon learns fierljeppen in IJlst (Friesland).

Wednesday evening July 2nd will be the day the jumpers (and teachers) are being judged. Two teams will be created. Team Gon includes four jumpers from Friesland, team Chiro includes four experienced jumpers from Holland.

The filming will take place straight after the 2nd class match in Polsbroekerdam. The 2nd class match starts at 19:00. The filming for the Japanese-Holland-Friesland starts around 20:30.

This small duel is a entertaining prelude to the big annual competition Holland versus Friesland on Saturday July 5th (Polsbroekerdam, 14:00).

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